Vision and Mission

Lider Manken came to this day by make a name for itself with its success in branding and increasing commercial goodwill in its sector, and continued to its activities with facing obstacles fearlessly with the pride of acquiring a clear future.

The “quality” that we present in line with our portfolio, which is ongoing from the past and improving, and our principles is the most powerful evidence of our works’ seriousness and importance. We have no doubt on the energy and the inspiration that we got from our valuable customers will lead us to our positive goals forward. In this journey that we have started together, the lasting dialogues and friendships that we have made are strengthening our relations in cooperation frame day by day. The thing that makes us stronger upon the elements that threatens our economy and other prohibitor elements is this encouragement and motivation from you.

Capacity and Work Area

Lider Manken has a work team consists of 25 people and 5000 m2 production area.
The production capacity of a personnel changes according to the product model.
Lider Manken monthly production capacity is approximately in between 5000 - 6000 in every model.
Painting is applied to the models, which are prepared in the day after they have checked.
After painting, models are taken into drying room and their last controls are made then they are taken into warehouse area as packed.
In this area, distinguishing between brands is made, and we have stock working system in order to be made quick delivery in the case of emergency.
Our product capacity (number of personnel) and extending our production area are being talked about and we have a chance to increase our production potential, in the case of excessive orders, without changing the quality of products.
The working hours of our company are one shift unless there is a contrary situation.
Personnel training and health checks are carried out regularly.
Our company is regularly checked by the labor safety officers.

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